February 16, 2009

city riding

I've been out riding most ever day for the last week. Nothing crazy long or nothing but shit has been pissing me off a little. The other day I was out on the eastside at a gas station putting some air in my tire. That back filled up fine, but the vavle in the front tube fell inside the tube when I added a little air. So it was flat as could be. I ended up walking over to fitzharris to get a new tube put on. now the last time I was at fitzharris the didn't have much of a selection of bikes. They had a nice surly crosscheck for $950 and a nice kona cx bike for $750. they had some other nice stuff to my surprise. On another day I was heading out to sartell on the river road, it was a nice day and the snow was soft maybe a little too soft.

Was rolling along fine then found a deep spot.

Today I was rolling across the bridge downtown and heading east. I got to where the Somalia's have there little coffee shop. Just on the other side this guy pulls all the way across the sidewalk to park his dented up Mazda. I f I didn't have disk brakes and the sidewalk wasn't dry I would be in the hospital rate now. Then he gets out of the car and yells something at me I couldn't understand, like I did something wrong. man I was pissed off. I kicked his car real hard, I'm sure it left a dent in his quarter panel and he fucking deserved it. other then that and work being slow as shit not much Else is going on. Sounds like we might be going out to Montana for work again in a few weeks maybe. Don't really want to go out there for a few month but their ain't much for work around here, and I know of a few good trails out there.

February 09, 2009

summer days are here

well all most. It was nice out yesterday about 40 degrees ABOVE zero. Went out for a ride and found myself riding everywhere past what my ipod batteries can handle. Started out at revolution getting a patch kit fore the flats I suffer from. Headed out to sartell and then to sauk rapids area. I like the sauk rapids area because the streets are some what clear because of all the water running down off the hills, plus there is some hills to climb. After awhile my bars came loose. They all most fell of before I made it back to my house. Got that taken care of and headed out back across the sauk rapids bridge and out to the east side and over to the prison quarry trail(pqt). The heat wave had made the snow soft and unrideable. was gona make a county road 8 run like doom talked about earlier in my day but didn't make it very far and went back. stopped by river side and saw a bunch of people enjoying the weather. one guy stopped my to ask me why mike bike didn't have a shock on it. Seemed like he knew alot about bikes but didn't understand the rigid thing. saw some people fishing the ice below the dam. Not something I would do.
after that I figured I would be able to make it out to plum creek to see how the trails are out there. I think I saw doom on the bridge but I'm not sure it was him. whoever it was, was bundled up like it was cold out.(sally) made it out to plum creek before it got dark but the trails were untouched, it looked like. It was a good day to ride and I think I got the most of it. Today its raining out which sucks, but it will clear some salt off the roads.

February 05, 2009

yep another flat

The title says it all. Got home from work and it was so nice out I had to go biking. Went out to sauk rapids area and out to the east side. Stop by at the #1 china spot again and when I left, flat tire. Lucky for me it was only about a 4 block walk. Still these flats are pissing me off. The price you have to pay for studded tires. I was riding the salsa for a few days and forgot how well the studs work. Was on my way home from my brothers place when I fell on my ass hard. My elbow is sore and I got a black and blue spot on my hip. So I had to retire the salsa again for the rest of the ice season. seen they finally had lake George cleared off for ice skating so I had to try out the studded tires on a ice rink. It was fun and people were looking at me like I was crazy. well I got to go and fix my flat tire!

February 02, 2009


yep the steleers won the super bowl. I didn't really care who won or lost the game. I was more happy that it was above freezing for the first time in a long time. I rolled through riverside and it was full of people sledding, skiing and snowboarding everywhere. It was nice to see that many people out doing something in the winter. Stopped by the jail trail and tried to make it down the bike path a little way, but that didn't happen. The snow was soft and not packed down like I thought it might be. After that I went over to the quarry trails by the prison. They were packed down enough to make it around on a bike. Some of the trails were a little fresh, but I stayed on the main trail. It was fun to get out and ride the salsa around a little. The trek is in need of some work and I didn't feel like riding that beast around. The salsa on the other hand was nice the in stint I left the garage with it. Big tires make it feel like a monster truck when riding(IMO). Its light and works flawlessly, a little ruff with no shock but what are you gonna do.

February 01, 2009

stupper bowl sunday

Its super bowl Sunday and its 30+ degrees outside. Going to spend the afternoon riding and the night have some cold beers and eating nachos. Speaking of nachos I found the new best place to eat in town. Its called china #1 and its located next to cobrons centennial in the strip mall. They cook every thing to order and give you about more then anyone could eat. Sold some baby fish the other day for $20. Not much but its money in my pocket for no work. Now if I could sell more of them I could get another bike.

this a pic from great falls montana last year about this time
that was a crazy dropp off about 10 feet to the left