April 29, 2009


Its the end of April and its snowing out like crazy. Its not gonna stop for a few more days. The weather report said this storm would effect livestock, wtf is that. all I know is I'm ready for summer all ready. went fro a ride the other day before it snowed out. It was the planned Wednesday night ride. Not one local showed up, it didn't help the wind was blowing at 45 mph gust. rode with the wind down the trail for a few miles down hill. yep so the way back was in to the wind and up hill the whole way. make me want to be back home more. had my rear rim trued again due to another broken nipple( #3). the lbs was busy as could be but they still got my rim fixed in 10 minutes for $10. That makes feel like I'm at rev, just some good service. Got a new rear tire while I was there, a kenda nevengal. my tires cant handle some of the loose gravel on the trails around here. also I seen a group of riders way out of town on our way to a fishing spot. must have been 10 people and they must have been 25 miles from anything. not much else for now just a few pics
a rainbow trout I cooked up

April 12, 2009

rice krispies

No I haven't been eating a bunch of cereal, its my rims. they are starting to sound like rice krispies when I roll. Snap,crackle and some popping going on. Maybe my fat ass shouldn't be riding a 29" rigid. Ive been looking at getting a new wheel set sometime soon. Any ideas? The weather out here has been nice all week. Its been at least 60 every day for the last week or so. the local group of riders started there Wednesday night ride again for the season. me and my buddy runny(nick name) have been out fishing a bunch since it warmed up. Haven't had a much luck yet. The locals all have there own way of fishing and so we keep getting different stories on how to go about catching anything. We have been hanging out with these guys from Tennessee that are staying in the same motel here. They are a hoot. They all play guitar and like there country music. they are cool shit though, not much else for now just some more pics.

April 03, 2009


not much going on out here, just working in some mud. Got two houses done so far. Haven't got paid for any of them yet but when we finally get paid it will be a fat check. Got my rim fixed for $12. The lbs is kinda small but they have alot of quality parts in stock. They don't seem so friendly but did fix my rim for cheap.been riding around town and on the river trails. It thin k that most of the local riders are out in moab until April sometime. the trails around here are muddy kinda like the job site in the pics above. kinda miss the jail trail, or any trails with some trees.not much else to talk about, so I will just put up some pics cause I can.

my hard hat, that trout farm(them trout are huge like 15lbs),and the belt mountains from the edge of town.