October 29, 2009

bs rain

Yep now it's raining outside. The weather has kinda sucked the last few weeks. Not much going on with me lately, just working and riding. I have been having lots of fun doing the Monday night rides lately. Haven't crushed my jewels or hit a tree. Last Monday I was having a good time but my ghetto light died in 45 minutes. Well not the light but the battery. Got too figure something out for a better battery only being able to do one lap with the light sucks. I also figured out a way to mount my camera to my bars and get some videos of the local trails. Was at quarry park trying to get some good shots but my tire sprung a leak so I bailed out. Speaking of that my cassette on my bike is wore out AGAIN. Just got a new one earlier this year. It all ready skips when I pedal too hard. Not handy when trying to keep up with people.

Went to a fish auction in bloomington last weekend. Didn't get any fish but I got a small tank and a rare plant for my planted tank.
It's kinda hard to see in the pic but its a cool plant. Its called a Madagascar lace leaf plant. One of the rarest plant in the trade.
seen a snake a week or two ago at the jail trail. Kinda late in the year for a snake
A good way to get ride of the scratches on my bike new paint job. I like the white but a black fork would look better

October 12, 2009

bs snow

Its way to early for snow. But this is Minnesota and anything is possible. Its Monday and I'm thinking about doing the Monday night ride, but not sure. I don't seem to have much fun going fast as hell through the woods at night. But its always a good challenge to keep up with some of the people that show up.

Went out to st. johns to ride some trails last Tuesday. Haven't been out there in a long time. the trail were fast and flowing but there was a lot of big sticks on the trail trying to get up in my spokes and break something. Didn't break a spoke but did pick up a micro thorn that took me awhile to find in the tire. lucky for me it was a slow leek cause I dint bring a pump or a patch. It was a fun ride, didn't bring my camera either. Was getting a little hungry at the end and then I spotted a big apple tree on campus. Them were some good apples.

I also maneged to break my seat post clamp trying to tighten it. It was the bolt that sheered off in the clamp. I some how maneged to get the rest of the bolt out. Ace hardware had a replacement for 90cents.
I go to go try to get my ghetto lite working for later.
down but not out(seat post clamp)
a ninner with a lefty hmmm, kinda sweet

October 01, 2009

some pics

couple shots of my tanks. All live plants , a bunch of angel fish and some others.

mike in the cx race

kiya winning the women's race.
was a fun weekend took 6th in my race but had a good time. Started off strong made a few moves in the first lap and caught up to crash white and followed him for most of the race. He might be older but he can ride like a champ. I don't think anyone passed me the whole race, so I think I did good. was gonna try out the cx race but didn't. Don't think I would have done too good.