May 16, 2010


Made a trip back home for mothers day last weekend. Was fun taking the train home, never Benn on a train before. Couldn't bring my bike with me so I had to ride the trek around town for a few days. Haven't rode anything with squish in a long time. It was kinda fun but slow. the trails were in good shape rode well.Got back to MT on Tuesday went to work Wednesday and they closed the job site down for three days cause people were tracking mud all over the base. kinda sucks but not much you can do. The weather has been good all week so we went fishing up by Gibson reservoir (google it) On the sun river.Caught some small rainbows but nothing too big. The view up there is epic.
boots had a good time like always.

May 05, 2010

my new cross/road bike at the largest skate park in MT. No I wasn't hittin that ramp just cutting thru. Scored this bike of ebay for $750. its in very good shape, the front rim has a bent spoke but I ain't trippin. its a cannondale xtj 2008. It has ben set up with 1x10 gearing. its been snowing here and blowing 60mph yesterday. I had to get out and try out the new whip yesterday. Its fast

May 04, 2010

just a dogg

a box

look what just came. hmmmmmmmmm