June 27, 2010

new camera

my old camera was going out on me. Only had a few times to use it so far but I like it. Excited about coming home for the forth.

June 14, 2010


boots wanted to play

June 07, 2010

this guy

cant find any results from the dk200, just some pics

May 16, 2010


Made a trip back home for mothers day last weekend. Was fun taking the train home, never Benn on a train before. Couldn't bring my bike with me so I had to ride the trek around town for a few days. Haven't rode anything with squish in a long time. It was kinda fun but slow. the trails were in good shape rode well.Got back to MT on Tuesday went to work Wednesday and they closed the job site down for three days cause people were tracking mud all over the base. kinda sucks but not much you can do. The weather has been good all week so we went fishing up by Gibson reservoir (google it) On the sun river.Caught some small rainbows but nothing too big. The view up there is epic.
boots had a good time like always.

May 05, 2010

my new cross/road bike at the largest skate park in MT. No I wasn't hittin that ramp just cutting thru. Scored this bike of ebay for $750. its in very good shape, the front rim has a bent spoke but I ain't trippin. its a cannondale xtj 2008. It has ben set up with 1x10 gearing. its been snowing here and blowing 60mph yesterday. I had to get out and try out the new whip yesterday. Its fast

May 04, 2010

just a dogg

a box

look what just came. hmmmmmmmmm

April 29, 2010


yes Its snowing here again. I know it wont stay but it still sucks. Ive been enjoying the warmer weather as of late. There was a small tt car race in town the other day. It was put on by the scca (sports car club of America). There was a bunch of locals out trying there import racers and maybe a few who brought there moms car. It was fun to watch on a nice Saturday afternoon. Got some vids butt my camera has been not likening me lately.
Went out on a the Wednesday night group ride the other day. It was fun 10 people showed up including 2 women. a lot of nice bikes and one from wall mart(no joke). Everyone out here seems to roll the 20mm thru axel on the front. Not sure if it makes a big difference but they all roll them out here. Some people don't like the whole rigid thing out here. Most every one that showed up was rolling full setups(Including the wall mart bike), I know sad. I got to talking to the one guy with a pair, riding a redline 29er rigid ss, He was cool. the trail is alot of up and down and very bumpy. It was fun on the climbs passing people on there full suspension bikes bouncing around.
it was a good day.
oh and that kid on the wall mart bike kept up the whole time and rode better then me(I ain't afraid to say it)
no pics for now but there might be something cool to take a pic of real soon!!! lol stay tuned

April 12, 2010

930 miles

sitting here 930 miles away from river side park. kinda wish I was back in town some times. I've been in Montana since February 1. The weather has been nice but its supposed to snow a bunch tomorrow. Ive been putting some miles on the bike when I have time. Between work and fishing trout on the weekends I don't have ass much time as back home. Plus I don't know the back trails like back home. New stuff is always good but Its not the same riding on a trail and not seeing a tree for hours. Plus the bike has been in need of some repair lately. Last summer we wernt working much so that left my lots of time to ride. nothing major has broke just lots of Little shit.

bent my seat post until the metal started flaking off. The seat just had a Little rip in it but it got some water in the pad once or twice and it was going south. and Some new bearings and some cones for the back rim. Plus I had all the nipples replaced in the front wheel cause they started breaking. Ive been drooling over some nice road bikes Ive seen around here. That might be my next purchase hmmm.

On the weekends we have been going fishing alot up bye a town called Craig mt. good times are had in Craig. the local bar is very dog friendly.

March 11, 2010

If it aint one thing

broke a bolt off in my crank arm. Just got done rebuilding my hubs and my baby was rolling like a champ. Its been short's weather and Ive been taken advantage of it. Now I got a crank with a bum arm that will fall off within a block. stat tunned

March 07, 2010

boots trying to hold down his bed from a puppy
Lewis and Clarke approved
Its been nice out here in big sky country so far. The weather has been in the high 50's most ever day since we got here. There was a good snow pack when we got here but that melted off a few weeks ago. Work has been going good and we are getting paid on time this year. I've gotten some good miles on the bike so far out here. Most of the dirt trails are still a little wet but should be good to go soon. The paved trails in town are even better then last year. They added a few short trails that connect all the trail together.

March 02, 2010

smoked brown trout

February 05, 2010

big sky

made it out here to montana.