January 26, 2009

another flat

Yep another flat tire for me. These studded tires are fun to ride on but the flat tires are getting old. I added another layer of tape on the inside of the tire, but that didn't seem to matter. The tires are real hard to get off the rim too. Not sure if the tires are a little too small or there just made to be real tight on the rim. Having sharp screws sticking out everywhere on the tire don't help changing a flat either. Another bonus is the weather went back to Alaska mode, -20 and what not. The temp is so cold that my front shock don't hold air very long and it sucks riding on a flattened shock. The rear shock seems to ride fine but that make the bike lean forward a little. Also went to a fish auction last Saturday down in the cites. Got a new 26 gallon bow front tank and a air pump to run some sponge filters. I got the tank for $20 and the pump for $14. that's a killer deal. I wish they had a bike auction like that, I could score a bomb deal on a road bike.
I will leave you with a pic of my dog playing poker.(cash plays)

January 23, 2009

more fish

got five more angel fish from my buddy brad the other day. He gave up on his planted tank and didn't want the fish any more. that brings my tank up to 14 angel fish and a bunch of others.

Plus I found one more fish in my tank that must have snuck in there during the night. he don't seem to move very much and he seems to have some holes in his head.

The road conditions in the cloud have been bad for biking lately. The road is either hard packed snow/ice (good for studded tires)or slush and pavement. I've been out most every day anyway. Still cant wait for summer!

Ps I guess I'm turning into a tech weenie lol

January 20, 2009

priority mail

got a box in the mail today and it looked like this.

If it was something fragile it would've been a fucked, Lucky for me it wasn't. It was a new stem for the salsa. there was a note on the box saying they had a mishap during shipping and they were sorry. maybe another reason to buy locally , but for $16 with shipping I couldn't pass that deal up. the guy had it listed under road bike parts on ebay but said it was a mountain bike stem in the description. Ether way it fits nice and looks better than the red one that was on there, plus it might be a little lighter. The salsa weighs in at 24lb 14oz now, now if this snow would melt.

January 19, 2009

ice fishing

went ice fishing yesterday out on lake xxxx. I can't tell ya what lake it was because not to manypeople know about it and I would like to keep it that way. Caught a bunch off crappies, atleast 60. Nothing too big but it was non stop action. before we left a dog sled team came by. Don't see that every day ice fishing.

January 16, 2009

some pics

some pics

studded tires

So I have been siting around collecting dust a little too much lately. So I decided to go over to a freinds house last night, even though it is -12 degrees outside. The cold temps din't bother me too much. I had my ski goggles on and about three layers every where else. I was cutting through the tech college parkinglot when I was thinking that this exsposed pavment was bad for my studded tires. Well about a block later I noticed the front tire was going flat in a hurry. I said fuck it and walked the rest of the way to sauk rapids cause I knew there was some cold beers waiting for me. had a good time watched the new batman flick and drank some beers poolside. Then I remmeberd the flat tire waiting for me outside. It was a coold walk home but I was happy to get out the house. now that I fixed the tire I found the fork seem blown out. It needs some new seals or something. Gonna have to go talk to the guys at revolution about that.

Im out

January 15, 2009

new to this

Well I have been sitting in the house for a few days now. The temps outside have been -10 and coolder so there ain't much to do. Can't work, cant fish and it's a little too cold to go out for a ride. So I decided to start my own blog.