July 13, 2009

Month and a half

lol. haven't been doing anything too important. Been back from Montana for more then a month and haven't been working very much. have had some trouble getting paid for the work we did out there. I don't even wont to get in to that again. my roommate moved out the day I got back and took her modem and wireless router with her. didn't think I would mind not having the Internet at my house butt it sucks. Been out riding ALOT, think I'm destroying my bike too quick. The bb bearing are making alot of noise, think I'm gonna have to get some new ones soon. Both my hubs seem to be making some bad noises too. the north loop trail is in good condition and I've been seeing alot of people out there. The trails seem to be growing in thick this year. gonna try to make it to trail work on Wednesday help out a little. Still haven' done the teeter totter out there.(no balls)seen some huge koi in lake George

got this pic from kia, me on the parking lot toy thing