March 24, 2009

trout hatchery

went riding down by the river next to the trout hatchery on Sunday. seen some of the biggest trout I've ever seen. they had a albino one in one of the ponds also.

you can see some of the fish in this pic.

there is also the shortest river in the world next to the trout farm, its called giant's ridge river. Its fed bye a couple of springs that all come up in one pool. the water is at 54 degrees all year

the river is about 100 feet at the most

I also maneged to brake a nipple on my back rim again. hopefully the lbs don't charge me to much to fix it. my back tire all most touches the frame on the one side. this is the third try at making a post on here the Internet keeps dying on me. I'm out

March 16, 2009

group ride in montana

Got a hold of a guy out here in great falls that seems to know alot about the local trails. he had mentioned a group ride on Saturday, I had to work Saturday but he said that some people were gonna go riding on Sunday too. the trail we rode is called the north shore trail. It starts 10 miles out of town. Cameron(the guy I met online)his girl and one other guy showed up. first we rode up stream and up wind(lots of wind). It was up and down some steep ass hill that were about impossible to climb on bike. I found myself walking my bike a few times.
the way back down stream we had the wind at our backs and some crazy downhill action. No crazy drop offs or nothing but there was some crazy slimy mud. once we got back to the trail head we went down stream on another trail that was alot different. It was a sketchy single track to say the least. If you go to far left your gonna be in sum pain if you live. there were some cool boulders to go around and over. Once we got past the single track there was a big open prairie are with some trails going in a few different directions. We climbed up a slow uphill path that was covered in small rock the size of pop cans. once we got to the top and dudes girl caught up with us we turned around and went back down this trail. it was fun for about a second. After that I found myself going way to fast down a bumpy ass hill with no shocks to help a player out. Some where near the bottom the trail dips down and to the left and it was a little muddy there too. it was a little scary but fun after I made it to the bottom. The trail goes farther out but it was to muddy so we hit that single track by the river a few more times.

this is a old tnt shack that they used when they built the dam. Cameron was talking about the cactus on the trail and how they like to get in to your tire. About 100 feet away from this shack the one guys tire went completely flat. it was a good spot out of the wind to change a tire. It was fun and hopefully not the last time I get to ride out here.

March 11, 2009

I'm still alive

Yes I'm still alive, I survived the long drive out here. Ive been out for a few rides so far. It has been cold as shit since we got here. The week before we got here it was 68 degrees. It looks like its gonna warm up by the end of the week. There ain't much for snow out here to complain about. i haven't taken many pics yet but stay tuned for good pics.

here is a small town of the main highway when we stoped for gas
this is when were about to leave town, bikes loaded up

March 06, 2009

roll out

Leaving for big sky country tommorow for a little while for work. Kinda excited about it, but I know I'm gona miss alot of shit around here. some partys comming up ad some good spring fishing. I'm just gona have to ride some diffrent trails and fish some diffrent water. whatever happens I'll keep all 3 people that read this posted. I found out that the getto motel were staying at has wifi. got the bikes running good and scored a sweet revolution beenie, got some packing left to do so I'm out. keep it real here in the stc while I'm goneand keep the jail trail warm for me

March 02, 2009


I cant believe its been so long since I've left a post on here. For one thing my laptop took a shit on me and the screen wasn't working. Best buy said it would be $200 to fix it. I laughed at the guy and left. Like I'm gonna pay the fucks $200 to fix it. They were cool until I told them I didn't have THERE warranty on it. My brothers Friend is a computer guy so I figured he would be able to help. In the end I had to use the reboot cd and re-download all the shit on my comp. But it works now and that's a good thing because I'm leaving for Montana next weekend for work. Sounds like I might be out there for a few months. Were going to great falls the same town I was in last year. I found some ok trails last year, but the last time I was there it was cold as hell out there and WINDY. Great falls is the #1 windiest city in the country according to the people that live there. The last time I was there I was riding my old Gary fisher and that didn't make it through the mud very well. This time I'm bringing the trek and the salsa. Hopefully the one bike shop in town has some group rides or something. There is a scheels in town but I'm not a big fan of scheels. I got to go get my bikes ready to go. deuces