November 22, 2009

new trails

Been working on some kinda new trails on this side of town(north side). Thought it was a good spot but somebody seems to like ripping stuff apart. Its a small area but there is some room to put in some fun stuff to ride. So far I got a few log piles and a couple small features.

some new cleared trail with a log pile. It rolls nice before it gets ripped up every other day.
this is a big ass log I want to make into a rideable skinny type of something.I want to build a ramp up it at the base on the bottom left and ride the length of it and off the other end to the left.
Kinda hard to see in the pics but I think it will be fun. Still got some branches to remove but I like it so far. Got another short trail cleared out and got a little log pile on it. The buck thorn tore my hands up a little. These trail ain't too much of a secret spot any one who grew up in cloud town. most locals should be able to tell where these trails are if not I might tell ya. went out to the jail trail to enjoy some nice weather and some fog looked cool to me.

November 13, 2009


Not much going on for me the last few weeks. Went to hillside down in elk river last Saturday with a buddy. Never been there before but it was a lot of fun. Lots of hills towards the end. I liked all the man made bridges and skinny's. rode a full lap then went to sonic drive in and went back for a few laps around the first 2 sections of trail. The weather was all most too nice for November, shorts and a tee shirt. Seen nothing but top end bikes in the parking lot and on the trails. Lots of people where out there enjoying the nice weather and the trail. There was a race there a week earlier so the trail was cleared of leaves in most places. got a few pics and some short vids that I put into one clip on the tube. Starting to get better at editing videos, what you think?

Speaking of trails, me and a Friend have been working on a small set of trails in town. Can't say where but might have some pics soon.

November 02, 2009

trail work

some pics from the trail work Sunday. a lot of small bridges that came together nice in the end. Still working on getting my video up on u-tube

hmmmm Monday night, what to do?